SP planter (corn-sunflower-soya- bean)

1942_0_spmais Sp planter

The SP SPRINT model is equipped with a fixed frame having variable width depending on the required number of rows and the row width.

The SP seeding unit for precision seeding on tilled soil is the result of years of experience and development by Gaspardo. The SP seeding unit is easy to use, constantly reliable and highly accurate. The unit is available in a number of configurations and with different kinds of frames (fixed, telescoping or folding) to meet the various requirements of different crops. The unit is especially recommended for sowing on tilled soils without crop residues on the ground. The seeding furrow is made by a drill coulter and the seeding depth is set by a parallelogram system between the frame and the rear wheel, which can be adjusted by a mechanical jack. The pressure applied by the seeding unit on the ground is controlled by a spring.


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