2000 Series

image 2000-d 2000-c 2000-b

The 2000 series unique design means it can easily cope with many applications – the versatility of this unit knows no boundaries!

With the same output as the 4000 series, it is big enough to tackle even the most demanding jobs with ease. It can be either mounted as a 3PL machine using the host machine’s hydraulics, as a stand alone ‘skid mount’ unit run on electrics or by either a diesel or petrol power pack (easily positioned on site as the base unit weighs in at a trim 740kg) or a trailer mount configuration that can be easily towed by a family sized saloon. Contact us today to discuss the various options available, this flexible machine can be configured to your requirements easlily & cost effectively!

 Throughput  Dimensions  Weight
 6 tonnes/hr  2540(long) x 950 (wide) x 1490 (tall) mm  740 kg

View brochure here:Red Rhino 2000 Series